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a sudo hole, patch available

Contributed by Dengue on from the sudo dept.

jose nazario writes :
"a vulnerability has been found in the 'sudo' command. a properly formed shell prompt can be used to execute commands outside the scope of your authorization via a heap corruption. the vulnerabiluty was found by Global InterSec. version 1.6.6 fixes these problems (and others, as well). announcement on bugtraq: and openbsd patch: "

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  1. By panda () on

    Not the first problem in sudo, but
    it is too good a command anyway, patches are
    small and easily applied anyway.

    The lack of comments comparing to other posts
    indicates that not many people care about sudo.
    It's a shame because it is very useful, saves
    a lot of unnecessary typing, and combined with
    ssh gives the administrator a lot of control over
    the delegation of his/her powers (much better
    than the group scheme like that found in
    recent linux systems)

    have fun


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