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OpenBSD 3.1 tagged and available for Pre-Order

Contributed by Dengue on from the out-of-town-for-a-week-attending-a-funeral dept.

Many new things, all revolving around the coming release of OpenBSD 3.1 :
  • Mirabilos and a host of others wrote in to let me know that OpenBSD 3.1 has been tagged in the CVS repository.
  • Onlien and others wrote in to let me know that OpenBSD 3.1 is now available for Pre-Order and expected to release on May 19th. The 3 CD set contains the i386, alpha, macppc, vax, sparc, and sparc64 releases. Available via FTP as an iso image are: mvme68k, amiga, mac68k and hp300 releases.
  • Humppa Lover wrote in to tell me that the tunes for OpenBSD 3.0 and 3.1 are available on-line , suitable for frightening timid souls.
  • Of course, with a new release comes new artwork .
Hmmm... more tunes?

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  1. By B1FF () on

    Is anyone else reading these lyrics? They make David Hasselhoff look like a musical genius. (!)

  2. By Vincent Foley () on

    Yahoo! This is gonna be so nice! I also like this: Our own ports tree which has improved an insane amount since OpenBSD 3.0. Almost all packages work on almost all architectures. :)

  3. By Funk () on

    After the last few releases (especially 2.9), I know it's dangerous to speculate on the theme of a release's art from just the first image released, but between the wooden stake and the lyrics, I'm thinking Puffy is becoming some sort of vampire slayer.... not sure what to make of the glowing wand though.

    I do like this music better than the 3.0 music...
    And "Puffy hoompa on your head" cracked up my wife for some odd reason.

  4. By neverListentoThisStuffb4 () on

    The first time I played the 3.1 mp3, I didn't know there were lyrics posted, and it was hard to understand. I thought half the song was in another language, maybe as a tribute to the International part of OpenBSD. Now, reading the lyrics while it is playing, I can't keep from laughing out loud! What other OpenSource group has such a refreshing attitude? Theo, you are one genius, keep it up.

  5. By Hannu Liljemark () on

    Just booted my machine and after some tests I can confirm that my OpenBSD upgrade (from 2.9 to 3.1) went very smoothly. Sweet :-) Compiling it on a P200 with 96MB RAM was the most time consuming part. Checking /etc and other things was a breeze. In case people are pondering whether or not to do a similar upgrade: go for it!

    Not that I thought it would be a lot of work or hard, but the process was a positive surprise never-the-less.

    Cheers to the OpenBSD team for all the hard work. Will definately be getting my copy of the release CD as soon as I can get my hands on it!

  6. By Jimmy () on

    Support for hardware on macppc has increased massively, not to mention the fact that i now
    with Xfree86 4.2 have 24bit color on my powerbook
    (8bit has been maximun, running on a bad fb-server) the awacs sounddriver now also support never soundcards for an ex the one on my powerbook g4. all of this together makes OpenBSD
    a (finally) working solution for my needs.

    since i work primarily as a photographer i NEEED my gimp to work proper with loads of colours, at the same time i dont want anyone else to snoop into my computer. OpenBSD has finally done that possible (dualboot die,macos bye).

    the only thing i want now is for someone to write better apm-support for my machine since the code i wrote for it is a crappy spinoff of the corresponding darwin-code.

    / J

  7. By Jedi/Sector One () on

    As the 3.1 tag has been added to the CVS tree, does it mean that today's -current is exactly what will be on the CD set in 1 month?

  8. By Ash () on

    I'm glad to see a new release comming up! Hopefully they have fixed the console radeon bug.

  9. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Another humorous song related to computing, and the hatred of X10 banner popunders: Kompressor - We Must destroy X10!

    (24k stream - xmms/winamp) []
    (128k stream - xmms/winamp) []

    links are legal btw so dmca arent going to rape you.

  10. By Anonymous Coward () on

    How come lynx is in default install? I want w3m instead.


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