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Wavelan bridging in -current with prism II cards

Contributed by Dengue on from the another-cool-new-feature dept.

chris writes :
"on the misc@openbsd mailling list:"

From: Theo de Raadt
Subject: wavelan bridging

In the past, many of you have asked if you can do wavelan bridging. We kept saying no, because you cannot run the wavelan in AP mode. There's no way to to put these cards into AP mode.

For prism II based cards, however, you now can. Be sure to use a very new firmware on the cards, though.

It should just work.

Original work (on a GPL driver) by, then rewritten to be BSD licensed by, then hacked into our tree by mickey, millert, and markus who wrote the replacement WEP code (since the BSD licensed code was from the USA).

pretty groovy stuff. It'd be nice if some users tested this as a base station.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Mine are Lucent Orinoco Silver cards. I'm just wondering if they're based on PrismII cards and/or if 'bridging' on these would be possible if anyone knows?

    Please let me know..


  2. By M. Beihoffer () on

    That's pretty fantastic news - for those of us running multiple networks, wireless bridging helps an amazing amount. I'vebeen slogging through a few workarounds where bridging will

    If you need to find what chipset your wireless cards use, check the OpenBSD supported hardware list.

  3. By Shuasha () on mailto:shuasha@(spamfree)

    Anybody know of a site that has the firmware update utility for these cards posted? I've been able to find the updated firmware image from my travels in, but can't find the update utility. The linux community has a program to do this, but I don't think it's been ported to compile in OBSD yet.


  4. By invaderzim () on

    So does this mean when obsd 3.1 is official I can turn my obsd box at home into an access point. I'd love to use ths with authpf :)


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