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April Fools Day wrap up.

Contributed by Dengue on from the consider-the-source dept.

April Fool's Day highlights:
  • Linus Torvalds resigns as kernel maintainer
    "Theo de Raadt: Theo is an exceptional candidate. Not only is he a more than adequate hacker; he attracts exactly the type of people to OpenBSD that he wants, and will jettison those who are not up to the task."
  • RFC 3251 : MPLampS
    " Mostly Pointless Lamp Switching (MPLampS) is an architecture for carrying electricity over IP (with an MPLS control plane). According to our marketing department, MPLampS has the potential to dramatically lower the price, ease the distribution and usage, and improve the manageability of delivering electricity."
  • RFC 3252 : BLOAT
    " This document describes the Binary Lexical Octet Ad-hoc Transport (BLOAT): a reformulation of a widely-deployed network-layer protocol (IP [RFC791]), and two associated transport layer protocols (TCP [RFC793] and UDP [RFC768]) as XML [XML] applications. It also describes methods for transporting BLOAT over Ethernet and IEEE 802 networks as well as encapsulating BLOAT in IP for gatewaying BLOAT across the public Internet."
It hurts to find IP over XML (over IP) amusing. That's a good indicator that I need a vacation.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    From the article Linus Torvalds resigns as kernel maintainer. I know it's a joke, but still... Worthless "research project" NetBSD???

    I'm not a personal user of NetBSD (not for me, personally speaking) but I most certainly wouldn't call it 'useless' or insult the NetBSD community.
    Afterall, OpenBSD is based on NetBSD and I believe the NetBSD guys have done wonders with respect to their goals. Excellent code and all!

    I didn't find that part funny, basically an insult to NetBSD - unless I'm missing a point?

    PS: I'm not trying to start an argument, just stating my opinion(s).

    Just my $0.02 (tax incld.)

    Regards to all!


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