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Major changes for Sparc64

Contributed by Dengue on from the um-64-bit dept.

Nick Holland writes :
"From a posting on, from Theo de Raadt:"

From:   Theo de Raadt
12:42 PM
Subject:sparc64 flag day

the sparc64 just underwent a flag day.  The memory model has been changed.

There will be no upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 on the sparc64.  You must
reinstall, due to the binaries having been changed in fiddly internal
ways.  Just reinstall.  You could very carefully upgrade, but then
other issues might happen, like packages you are using, etc.

So just reinstall if you have a sparc64, ok?  You will be happy.  Some
compiler bugs are fixed as a result!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Can he stress 'reinstall' any more? ;-)

    Yours Truly, Theo

    PS: reinstall!

  2. By Phil Howard () cuvy-ng-vcny-qbg-arg on mailto:cuvy-ng-vcny-qbg-arg

    What about applications distributed in binary? Does this mean the commercial vendors will have to distribute two different compilations for 3.1 and pre-3.1 systems? IOW, will a 3.1 system not be able to run pre-3.0 binaries at all? What about the other way around?

  3. By Chris () on

    Is there much code sharing going on between the Net and Open teams that are working on sparc64? I'm assuming that the Open port started from the Net one, in which case are we likely to see this change merged into Net?

    An finally, what sort of UltraSparc would make a cheap but appreciably faster replacement for my 110Mhz SS5?



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