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[ZDNet] BSD as a Windows alternative

Contributed by Dengue on from the isn't-Windows-too-generic-a-term-for-a-trademark? dept.

ZDNet is running a piece titled: "Want a Windows alternative? Try BSD" by Stephan Somogyi. It's pretty much the usual BSD flavors piece, but Stephan has some nice praise for OpenBSD. At any rate, it's always nice to see OpenBSD get some press.

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  1. By Vincent Foley () on

    I mean, more and more people are getting impress and interested by the BSD's, that's a very good thing! And is it just me, or are people realizing that security is not a luxery and are beginning to like OpenBSD more and more? Go OpenBSD (if only OpenBSD had a framewire blowfish t-shirt...)

  2. By pixel fairy () on mailto:pixel [shift +2] [not photoshop] org(Y)

    i remember the web site saying 4 years without a remote hole in the default install since 2.5, which means they should be at 6-7 years now...


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