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mini openbsd on ramdisk

Contributed by Dengue on from the mini-or-micro-take-your-pick dept.

Taufik writes :
"I try to make router/firewall base on openbsd 30 stable fit on 8 MB disk and 16 MB ram. including multi user, sshd, snmpd, altqd, pfctl, wireless support and simple user interface. please try my trial (beta) at after some report i'll fix and make first release soon."
This looks like a candidate distribution for a wee beasty like the Soekris Engineering Net4501 appliance.

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  1. By hardware fiend () on

    Another a non e-mouse cow herd touched on this; with a larger CF card, does one really even need these puny repackaged BSD's? What's to prevent one from running a standard OpenBSD install on the soekris hardware?

    Moreover, have any out there had any experience running OpenBSD on some of the other interesting looking biscuit/sbc/pc104-ish/whatever hardware?

    In particular something like this looks intriguing (not to knock the Soekris bits, which also look pretty dope):

    Can anyone comment on their own experiences with this? Whether it's running a normal OBSD install on the Soekris hw, or other?


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