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[Howto] Multiple Apache SSL Hosts under OBSD

Contributed by Dengue on from the secure-sockets-layer dept.

Trey Stout writes :
"There was a question on misc@ yesterday, about how to add multiple SSL virtual hosts under OBSD's Apache. I got lots of prodding to write my experiences down. So here they are.

If you have need to put several SSL hosts on a single machine, OBSD works great. My article is here "

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  1. By tim () on

    I know, this is a nicely written article, and if you've not worked with SSL I'm sure it's very helpful. However, there is nothing in here that suggests to me that OpenBSD is fundamentally better for SSL vhosting (which, I noted with a sigh of relief, the author points out requires MULTIPLE REAL IP ADDRESSES which can be bound to aliases on an interface) than Linux or FreeBSD.

    What I would consider revolutionary is if OpenBSD could cluster and do stateful failover like the Linux Virtual Server project. One of these days and it won't be long... (oh wait, it might be) I'm thinking about phasing out the Foundry and going Coda/LVS (with an OpenBSD database/non-cache fileserver backing the nodes).

    So many neat toys out there, so little time.

  2. By Shawn () on

    I'm the one that posted that question. But I needed to use different hosts on a single IP. I didn't think you could do it, but after reading some of the SSL docs I had a different idea. Hell, it's easy doing this when you have multiple REAL ip's.

  3. By *shrug* () on

    This howto seems to imply that you cannot use ssl on two virtual hosts on the same ip... You can, and I do. I don't think there is anything magical about it. No one had ever told me it couldn't be done, so I just did it... no problems at all...

    It's quite simple really... Just define two namevirtualhosts, one at the IP:80 and one at the IP:443. Then, all non-ssl sites use IP:80, ssl sites use IP:443. Make sure to define all necessary SSL_* directives in the and you are good to go...

    1. By Marchie ( on

      You can do it but you CAN'T get a trusted certificate through any authority if you do so.

      In order to get a page marked as Trusted, there must be a 1:1 domain:IP ratio



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