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[OpenSSH] Privilege Separated OpenSSH

Contributed by Dengue on from the drop-your-privileges-and-reach-for-the-sky-fishy dept.

Nick Holland writes :
"Niels Provos posted the following on" :

Markus and I have been working on a completely privilege separated
OpenSSH so that problems similar to the channel bug or the zlib double
free would not affect us in the future.  The code is in a very good
shape right now.

If you would like to get more information or try a current snapshot,

I've been told integration into OpenBSD is planned. Here's a snippet from privsep.html :
"Previously any corruption in the sshd could lead to an immediate remote root compromise if it happened before authentication, and to local root compromise if it happend after authentication. Privilege Separation will make such compromise very difficult if not impossible."

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  1. By Andy () on

    I think this looks like an excellent idea. I wonder how much more work it would be to make this a framework for all daemons running as root...

  2. By jesse s. () on

    an import of rpcbind from netbsd? it runs as unprivileged user (daemon) ... the equivalent of our portmap (which runs as root by default, and, to my knowledge, is unable to run as an unprivileged user) ... just wondering



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