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New option PTRACE in -current

Contributed by Dengue on from the cool-new-features dept.

On Wednesday, Miod Vallat committed to -current changes which turn the ptrace(2) system call into a kernel compile option (option PTRACE).

From the commit message to source-changes@ :

Log message:
Turn the ptrace(2) syscall into a kernel compile option, option PTRACE in
your kernel configuration file.
By default, GENERIC will enable this.

When PTRACE is not enabled, several ptrace-like features of the procfs
filesystem will be disabled as well (namely, the ability to read and write
any process' registers, as well as attching, single stepping and detaching
to/from processes).

This should help paranoid people build better sandboxens, and us to build
smaller ramdisks.
On behalf of all the paranoid people with aluminium foil over their windows, thank you Miod.

I think I need topic artwork for "Current". Any volunteers?

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  1. By Richard () on

    How about a chicken coming out of an egg?

  2. By Bill Schaub () on

    how about a bleeding knife? to represent "bleeding edge"

  3. By baldusi () on

    May be a baby blowfish, or a blowfish laying eggs?
    I mean. Daemon is OK for the ther BSDs, but OBSD uses the Blowfish. I've falled in love with it since the 2.9 art was so hilarous.

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Or how about electricity arc-ing between the daemons horns to represent (electrical
    ) current?

  5. By fansipans () fansipansatdubdotgmudotedu on mailto:fansipansatdubdotgmudotedu

    An electric eel would be perfect:
    • it fits in with the openbsd deep sea motif
    • electric eel <--> current, seems to fit
    • it shocks the fuck out of you if you touch it
    • it bites the fuck out of you if you get near it
    • an anime/manga eel would look badass with sharp teeth & sparks coming out of it

  6. By Anonymous Coward () on

    i'd like to see a bleeding fish... again to represent "bleeding edge". i think a knife is too generic.

    but i guess it's ultimately up to the one who makes the artwork...


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