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CrunchBox 2.0 powered by OpenBSD

Contributed by Dengue on from the 2600-hz dept.

petergun writes :
""The Crunchman", aka John T Draper is about to introduce an Intrusion Detection System (read Firewall) based on OpenBSD 2.9 with custom add-ons. Flagged by TheRegister first. "
Hey John, don't suppose you'd send me one to play with?

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Is this something that's going to be free?

  2. By InvaderZim () on

    Ummm Intrusion Detection and firewalls are two different things, It appears at a brief glance this does both, but they aren't exactly the same.

  3. By John () on

    That would depend on what you would do with it. We've handed out some Eval units last summer. Had some excellent suggestions. I'm surprised nobody has done the likes of what we did with the Crunchbox.

    It's about time the public starts realizing there really IS a secure platform around, and I'm officially endorsing OpenBSD.

  4. By Mike () on

    If someone wants to make a security product based on OpenBSD, that's great. If someone wants to make a baby mulching machine operated by OpenBSD, that's great too. The more press OBSD get's the better. The more revenue will come in, the more attention the developers will get, the more cd's will sell, the more machines will have it installed.

    It's silly to imply that people who make openbsd derived products should donate money to Theo, et al or else they are somehow doing a disservice to the project. Sure that'd be nice, but simply using OpenBSD is free advertising. They could have used Linux, or Free or Net.

    Just using OpenBSD is moving it in the direction where there will be a critical mass of machines that causes the big application developers to port their software, the big corporate users to install and use it internally, and for mainstream media to consider it more than a hobbyists OS. This happened to Linux awhile back, and I for one would be happy to see OpenBSD added to the list of "well known software".

  5. By guess () on

    I throw up the white flag and call a truce.

    We can go on for hours, days, even weeks on what I think and what you think.

    My solution to all of this is... I'll develop my own firewall ids solution, open source it and throw it under the bsd license.

    If you cant beat them, join them.


  6. By Harmonics () on

    Crazy stuff, I've been working on the same thing for quite a while now. Even went so far as to order some small BookPC(MicroATX) cases and paint them blue. Considered working on some fancy block/pass colored LEDs...

    Now the ol' Captain Crunch comes out with the CrunchBox and it makes front page slashdot news.

    Amazing, I guess I'll shelve my plans, or just give them to family members.


  7. By Anonymous Coward () on

    crunch claim he gave out eval units last summer. Last summer he didn't even have product that worked.
    Maybe he have something now, I don't know, but crunch and the man he is working for have ripped off so many people, and told so many lies, I don't know what to say. he sound nice, but I don't trust anything he says anymore.

  8. By Butthead () bryan on mailto:bryan

    The software is available to people who purchase it or for evaluation. He welcomes auditor to examine the code, what is being paid for is the hardware, and the support costs.
    This isn't gpl'd sofware guys!! get over it


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