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[Ask OBSDJ] OpenBSD and PAM?

Contributed by Dengue on from the pam-v-bsd-auth dept.

ROR writes :
"Hi OpenBSD community!

There were many discussions on this subject recently, but I still can't find an answer. So, why doesn't OpenBSD have PAM support, since FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris already do? What's the simplest & safest way to enable it on OpenBSD? I obviously need it for native LDAP (+Kerberos for really paranoid folks:))) authentication (Postfix, Courier, Samba etc).


Sounds to me like an login_ldap module is needed for BSD style authentication. Which is the direction OpenBSD is heading instead of PAM. Is anyone interested in trying to code such a beasty?

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  1. By jose nazario () on

    PAM is a pretty ugly set of hacks, frankly, and the Linux implementation is actually quite gross. dugsong did a port of it about a year and a half ago and posted his efforts (he needed to for some smartcard stuff ISTR). i haven't tested it, though. this comes up every now and then and has been pretty cleanly answered. the best place to start would be misc@ and maybe tech@.

    however, openbsd has BSD Auth, which itself is quite flexible and standard.

    if you really want PAM, consider reading the docs and freshly (and cleanly and correctly) implementing it.

  2. By panda () on

    actually i am currently implementing login_ldap,
    which is really easy, but the problem i encounter
    is being able to retrieve the list of users in /etc/passwd, like nis does with the + line.
    if anybody knows how to go around doing that...


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