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X on Sparc64 available

Contributed by Dengue on from the download-the-latest-snapshot dept.

Jason Wright was kind enough to submit the following:
"The latest sparc64 snapshot going out to the mirrors now contains new support for running X on sparc64 consoles. Some stuff doesn't quite work yet, but that's the nature of a huge brand new feature...

What works:

  • pci: vga (ATI) framebuffers (must be prom console)
  • sbus: cgsix, cgthree
  • usb: sun type 6
  • sbus: sun type 3/4/5/6 on zs
  • pci: sun type 3/4/5/6 on com
  • usb: any usb mouse will do
  • sbus: sun on zs
  • pci: sun on com
What doesn't work:
  • - accelerated X servers
  • - xdm (coredumps) [xinit or startx can be used to start the server]
  • - ico (hangs X server)
  • - probably more stuff like this...
I'm interested in having folks help find and fix problems in X, which is why the snapshot is going out now... So, if you've been wanting X on your OpenBSD/sparc64 machine, grab the snapshot and start sending patches..."

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  1. By pravus () on

    has anyone here run OpenBSD on an Ultra-30? is it pretty rock solid, yet? or is it still kind of experimental?

    i've got an Ultra-30 running Solaris, but it is just acting as a simple web server. i'd like to move it to OpenBSD because of easier maintenance, but i don't want to do it until i know that the Sparc64 stuff is working solid.

    anyone have any experience with this?

  2. By John () on

    I've always admired how with such a relatively small team OpenBSD maintains its code quality while running on a large number of platforms.

    A deep vote of thanks from a very happy user.

  3. By Jeff () on

    Does anyone know if it will be possible to do something like this:

    1. Install speedy PC PCI VGA card already supported by XFree86
    2. Boot with the output-device set to crappy onboard PCI ATI video
    3. Start X server on secondary PCI VGA card with SVGA or Accel servere
    4. Enjoy a much smoother X environment

    I have no idea much the XFree86 drivers are dependant on PC hardware, though I would assume that all they need to know how to do is map PCI addresses. I have heard stories of someone using a nVidia TNT card with Solaris as a second head with XFree86, though I have never seen any such thing myself.


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