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[Ask OBSDJ] Single board processors for OpenBSD?

Contributed by Dengue on from the embedded dept.

Jagunco writes :
"I'm willing to substitute some routers and firewalls in my environment for some smaller machines, which, in the best case, should have support for flash memoy to accomodate the operating system, maybe an ide controller to handle laptop hd's, support for conventional pc133 dimm memory, boot through the serial port, optional usb, optional mini-pci, at least 2 ethernet ports, a processor which can handle something like 10Mbps under pf/ipf, and, of course, be supported by OpenBSD. Also, it'd be nice if these machines could require at most 20W of power and cost less than $100 (since there are some low-end [closed] routers with a similar configs at $70 in these days). Any hints?"
I don't know about meeting that low of a cost point, but I would be interested in similar hardware myself. Has anyone seen anything out there as described?

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I'd really like to see a SBC using this processor:
    With some external memory it could easily handle a 100Mbps firewall. Unfortunaly I couldn't find any boards using it, and anyway OpenBSD doesn't support MIPS32...

  2. By David () on

  3. By AC () nobody@ on


    In addition, try - look at their SBC products page. Maybe NEC's rather expensive CB56 is close enough?

    How about Terrasoft's BriQ?

    Maybe look at Motorola's product page (, and Intel's embedded stuff too (

    There is a company called EMAC Inc. with some interesting products that may come close to what you want (try using google to search for them). Also try Tri-M Engineering ( EMAC and Tri-M will also do custom boards, just be prepared to cough up lots of cash.

    Realistically, you're probably looking at $500.00 per unit _minimum_, for the features you want.

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Along the same lines of though, although not getting as small as a single-board PC, I'm curious as to whether quite highly boards like the Shuttle SF24 (incorporated into the SV24 system among others) could give me headaches in regards to running OpenBSD on it as I heard reports already of it not playing nice with other operating systems.


  5. By font9a () on

    M2K in austin is having an auction this Sat. Maybe a good chance to pick up a low-end machine+hw you describe.




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