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Java for FreeBSD

Contributed by Dengue on from the freebsd-gets-a-cuppa dept.

Brennan Stehling writes : "Great news comes from the FreeBSD Foundation! For years now Sun has made the "write once, run anywhere" promise with Java but that was only true for platforms which had a complete Java Runtime. Now the JRE is officially coming to FreeBSD after license negotiations with Sun. Hopefully NetBSD and OpenBSD will also benefit from Java coming to FreeBSD." The announcement can be seen over at Daemon News .

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  1. By Frank Denis () on

    Maybe it will work with OpenBSD's FreeBSD emulation?

    Did anyone had success with running a Linux Java virtual machine under OpenBSD?

  2. By Ben Goren () on

    As I read it, Sun is just giving FreeBSD--and only FreeBSD--a license to distribute proprietary Sun software. Or, in other words, FreeBSD can give you the JDK, but you can't do anything but use it once you have it. Somebody please correct me if I'm worng.

    As time goes on, it seems that OpenBSD is more deserving of the title, ``Free,'' than FreeBSD. Don't get me worng--I'm writing this from a computer running FreeBSD. It's just that the FreeBSD team seems to be compromising their philosophical principles for their design principles.

    Once there's Mozilla for OpenBSD (yes, Konqueror is wonderful, but I do Web design and need to check things with Mozilla), I'll switch and not look back.


  3. By Free Bird () on

    Truly. Java is just so inefficient, proprietary and incomplete, that I can't imagine anyone wanting it...

    Honestly, we're much better off with C(++) for normal programming, and Flash and the like for Web thingies...

  4. By Joe Price () on

    For all those who don't know - check it out.. If you look at the ports tree under 3.0 you can build the blackdown linux JDK 1.2, which works fine for me using Tomcat which is also in the ports tree. I mean it would be nice not to have to use the redhat base and all that but it definately works.. I like the fact that Sun at least acknowedged the BSD community.. I'll be watching this unfold as tme goes on ;p


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