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OpenSSH: Linux Journal's Editors' Choice

Contributed by Dengue on from the communication-tools dept.

OpenSSH has received Linux Journal's Editors' Choice award. Congratulations to Markus Friedl, Niels Provos, Theo de Raadt, Kevin Steves, Damien Miller and Ben Lindstrom for making OpenSSH such a solid contribution to the world of secure computing.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I dunno guys, with news like this it's no wonder everyone thinks of OpenSSH as "oh yeah, that's the cool SSH program for Linux."

    1. By Tim () on

      who cares?
      it is btw a cool program for linux (and for bsd and for...)

      be happy it is in the news, so more and more people will use it, even when their running linux

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      I agree with what you're saying too, I think the same way.. Atleast there's a link to though, that mentions OpenBSD in there. Better than nothing..

    3. By aasmund () aasmund at godal dot com on mailto:aasmund at godal dot com

      The more openbsd apps that are used on linux the more openbsd'ish it will be and the better it will be - sooner or later people will start using the real thing!

      1. By baldusi () on

        Well, I've started with openbsd after trying openssh for linux since I was looking for secure solutions. I don't want to rant, but for some things Linux (or FBSD) have better support. Besides, I still like SysV init better. Bt that's just a matter of taste.

      2. By rick () on

        umm,(if you mean average people) like the ones
        that work and fine tune the Form1 Grand prix
        racing autos.
        -unfortunately, no one I know runs OB; even after
        they have to re-install Windows for the 1000th time ..from a virus, or whatever. It'll take some time to gel. all you can do is show em again.
        -I agree, for all OB does it is Great.; as the man says "proactively secure" nevermind the dongle balls anyway.

      3. By rick () on

        -...what I should have said was the "Features"will
        come, but shouldn't, at the expense of any less security.
        ...sounding like pollytician -goin' to bed.

        Congrats to Openeverything.

  2. By seth arnold () on

    I need to use OpenSSL as an API. OpenSSL's documentation is .. well, perhaps the less said is more polite.

    In short, I decided it would probably be easier to learn OpenSSL through the OpenSSH source code. I practically cried when I saw how *pretty* the OpenSSH source code is!

    If you want to see art, take a look at OpenSSH source.

    Many thanks to the OpenSSH team. :)

    1. By jose nazario () on

      we routinely use openbsd/openssh code as illustrative of consistently well formatted, organized and easy to follow code. we also consistently use GNU code as examples of hopelessly bad code when it comes to style. i learned a lot by just sifting through the openbsd code, as well. its highly reccomended reading for anyone learning to code.

    2. By Mathias Schmocker () on

      All my thanks to the OpenBSD crew also.

      I learned a lot by reading OpenBSD kernel code and the related man pages.
      The OpenBSD coding standards are a paramount example on how to write clean, understandable and maintenable code.


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