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a November issue of DaemonNews

Contributed by Dengue on from the dept.

The November DaemonNews is out. This month features:
  • How to bootstrap vinum,
  • How to increase file system size (FreeBSD)
  • How to configure IPSec (OpenBSD)
  • How to collect syslog output in a database
  • IPv6 trends

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  1. By niekze () on

    I took a look at the IPsec article and noticed a few errors:

    If you are installing this on a PC that has Plug-n-Play enabled in the BIOS disable it. OpenBSD doesn't seem to work with Plug-n-Play.

    I've never had a problem with Plug-n-Play...The rest of the errors are related to /etc/rc.conf changes they make. Which is quite amusing, since each like has a comment giving "for normal use."

    change the line "isakmpd_flags=NO" to read "isakmpd_flags=YES".

    Finally, you will need to change the line in /etc/rc.conf (near the bottom of the file) that says "ntpd=NO" to "ntpd=YES". You will probably want to change the line in the same file that says "ntpdate_flags=NO" to "ntpdate_flags=YES".

    the comment in rc.conf for isakmpd_flags states:
    #for normal use: ""
    Just as well, the ntpdate_flags should be the ntp server they want to update from when booting. Also, ntpd and ntpdate are different IIRC. ntpd is the server and ntpdate is a client. I don't see a reason to run ntpd (esp. after that ntpd hole found a year ago or so, which is why i bring it up)

    long story short, there are some errors in this and there are some things i didn't mention because they are arguably 'errors' or just questionable. This really isn't a good article. They also tell you to copy a sample isakmpd to /etc but they don't tell you where exactly to get it. Sure, they say it is on the CD, but this type of article should tell you exactly where to find it. Once again, this isn't a very good article...i've seen much better.


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