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3.0 Snapshot on eRacks preconfigured servers

Contributed by Dengue on from the pretty-hardware dept.

eRacks writes : "As some of you may know, we at eRacks Thin Systems ( ) offer preconfigured OpenBSD rackmount servers. This is just a quick note to let you know that we now offer BOTH 2.9-released (with ipf) as well as 3.0-snapshot (with pf). Also, although we usually use whatever the current snapshot is (Currently Oct 9), we will install a particular date's snaphot if we have it or there is an archived version available on the web. We also burn & supply a (bootable!) CD with the snapshot on it, FWIW."

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  1. By Chris () on

    use OBSD Journal to advertise our little OpenBSD related business now?

  2. By bob cole () on

    In the spirit of open-ness, does anyone have advice on building a 1u rack mount system? I would
    like to build my own system w/ 1 cdrom + hard disk + floppy. But so far I am not sure of which enclosures + power supplies to buy , as well as where to go for the best price.
    These erack systems look pretty cool, but I would
    rather save a few dollars and build my own.
    Thanks in advance.


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