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OpenBSD em Casa: for speakers of portuguese

Contributed by Dengue on from the translingual dept.

linfocito writes : "The site OpenBSD em Casa (translates OpenBSD at Home), starts working a few days ago. News, articles, howtos, a mailing list and other resources about that OS (mainly the use of workstations 'at home') are available. We hope the OpenBSD community in Brazil (and another portuguese speaking countries) benefit from it and grow."

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  1. By Morsello () on

    Sorry folks, but there are not an OpenBSD community in Brazil.

    See the newsgroups messages at

    3 messages in a month, from the page mantainer,
    without reply.

    1. By Luiz Gustavo () on

      half true
      They have better things to do, instead of making lame sites without clue.
      Sorry dude, sad but true. :)

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Ja te passou pela cabeca que o povo pode usar o OpenBSD (ou planejar usar) mas pode nem saber que o Forum existe? :-) Este e o meu caso. :-)

      A propaganda e' a alma do negocio. :-)

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        I dont care about that.

      2. By Eduardo Augusto Alvarenga () on

        Pessoal, porque não nos unimos e formamos um grupo? Assim como a Fugspbr com o FreeBSD, nós podemos formar uma pequenas lista para começar, e assim consequentemente um site. Podemos usar o já
        criado para começarmos
        O que acham? A comunidade OpenBSD está um pouco
        escondida aqui no território tupiniquim!

        Hey guys, how about match ourselves and found a
        new group? Just like Fugspbr with FreeBSD, we can
        star to make small newsgroups at the beggining, and soon a build a web site. We can use the
        already founded just to
        start. What you guys think about it? The OpenBSD
        community is a little hidden here at the
        "tupiniquim" land!

        1. By lamb () on

          talvez o importante nao seja o pais mas o projecto
          e a troca de conhecimentos.
          por isso aqui fica um convite para aparecerem num canal de irc existente em portugal com utilizadores de openbsd

          /server por exemplo e depois
          /join #openbsd.

          aparecam serao bem vindos


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