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New Cryptogram out discussing Sept. 11 events

Contributed by Dengue on from the bruce-schneier dept.

mattb writes : "There's a new cryptogram out that talks about the security concerns that 9-11-2001 is making the world think about. It's a good read."

This has been recommended by a lot of readers and friends.

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  1. By Ryan Cooley () on

    We'll probably never know
    if the attackers realized that the heat from the jet fuel would melt the steel supports and collapse the
    World Trade Center.

    Umm, is it just me?

    The previous bombing of the WTC was INTENDED to bring down the tower. Not to mention that one of the people involved studdied the architecture of 'Very Large Buildings' including the WTC, and was certain to know that such an attack would bring down the towers.

    All this is not to mention that the second Jet can be seen diving just before it hits the second WTC tower. I doubt that it was just a knee-jerk decision. And, it's no coincidence that the second tower colapsed a good hour before the first.


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