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[CNET] Revamped anti-terrorism bill hits House

Contributed by Dengue on from the move-over-ATA-hello-PATRIOT dept.

With a name like PATRIOT, it's gonna pass. A new anti-terrorism bill is before the U.S. House of Representatives. This new bill is a response to ATA , which was strongly opposed by civil liberties groups (small wonder). It more narrowly defines terrorism, in particular with regards to computer crimes. It still greatly expands electronic surveillance powers of law enforcement in the United States. Computer crime is still in the spotlight. To quote Cnet's coverage :
The bill lists more than 40 criminal offenses, including computer intrusion and damaging a computer, and defines those offenses as terrorism if they are "calculated to influence or affect the conduct of government by intimidation or coercion...or to retaliate against government conduct."
Critics say it smacks of McCarthyism.

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  1. By knomevol () on

    (IDG) -- Legislation under consideration in the United States Congress to combat terrorism will treat low-level computer crimes as terrorist acts and threaten hackers with life imprisonment, according to officials of the civil liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

    1. By Ryan Cooley () on

      Imagine the day when Mitnick will be considered 'lucky' that he got things so 'easy' when he was caught.

  2. By knomevol () on

    Today the Underground Legislature has had a unanimous vote outlawing those who would seek to earn a living as a professional politician. The Underground Vice President, leader of the Legislature, was quoted as saying, "The aboveground politicians who make a living of government have not the common sense necessary to execute such a job," and "they are mostly retards, as painfully evident with legislation such as DMCA and the recent flood of liberty choking 'terrorism' bills designed to place the American government back into the chair of dictatorship they pulled Britain's king out of."


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