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[CNET] Wire-tapping the Internet

Contributed by Dengue on from the dept.

William Gurley has a well thought out response to Sen. Judd Gregg's call for encryption backdoors. He points out many of the issues that make Gregg's call for crypto backdoors a bad idea.

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  1. By Ryan Cooley () on

    Although he illustrates his point on encryption well, I completely disagree about the benefits of steganography.

    Even the simplest of programs can detect extraneous data at the end of an audio file or image. All that would be required is a load of bandwidth to download and check the integrity of every binary file which is larger than (let's say) 15K. A simple program will determine if the image is incorrect in any way, and will disregard all those that check out. The rest can be sent through varying levels of automated checks, until the inexplicable will be investigated by experts in person.


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