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[Ask OBSDJ] Quota Manipulation

Contributed by webmaster on from the are-you-meeting-yours dept.

Sean Cody writes :

"I have a two fold question relating to the quota system.

  1. Why is the quota configuration system so different from any other system configuration (eg just editing plain text files and restart service :P).
  2. Is there a simple way to edit user and group quota's programmatically (like in C)? When adding slew of users it is a pain in the but to run edquota for every user/group (since in most cases every user's quota is different or could be)."

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  1. By Binky The Clown () on

    I personally use setquota, which is a command-line utility which you can find in the ports tree.

    If you are really ambitious you can use the quotactl() system call to build a C application of you own to manage filesystem quotas.

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    what about quotactl(2)?

  3. By Alex Farber () on

    There is a Perl-module - it worked for me.

  4. By DAVE () on


    I believe the problem is at your end.

    See you at the meeting.


  5. By Eric Bullen () on

    but I have had many problems with the quota system. Right now I'm using fully patched 2.9 (GENERIC) system, and even after reading the man pages, and the FAQ, it just behaves unreliably. At early this morning before I woke up, it rebooted. It will panic the box *sometimes* if I run "quota ", and it never shows group quota utilization with I run "repquota -gva". I guess the only thing that I can do is offer the core file if anyone wants it. I can't have it drop to debug mode because the system is at a remote site, so I have it auto-reboot on a panic.



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