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The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 (ATA)

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Well, things could get very different. United States Attorney General John Ashcroft is pushing Congress to act now on the The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a complete set of references for the 2nd Draft of DoJ Surveillance & Antiterrorism Bill . Also of interest is Kevin Poulsen 's analysis of it's impact on hacking at SecurityFocus . This could make life very hard on some people out there.

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  1. By - () - on -

    Section 106 appends:
    ..."(C) the person acting under color of law has reasonable grounds to believe that the contents of the computer trespasser's communications will be relevant to the investigation"...

    What is 'reasonable' ?
    If they could learn how to pilot aircrafts,
    they could be ready to become lawyers.

    Anyway the NSA and the Army is sure very happy to
    play with expensive toy-toys. the ranks were getting rusted wihtout enough action...
    more money did not help making people more safe.

    Why taking so long if the US services really know
    about who is it. been over 2 weeks already...
    If you really at war, in 2 weeks you get time
    to lose many battles. loose many oportunities.
    see your enemy flee so far away.

    Sure that being elected with the help of
    the mafia doesn't give much confidence.
    sure it doesn't gives instant governing skills.

    90% of deadly weapons are manufactured by
    'advanced' countries, and profitable to them.
    90% are used in poor countries and poor areas.
    this way you get sure they'll remain uneducated
    and close minded.

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Terrorists wear shoes. Shoes are the #1 enabler of terrorist crimes, as nearly 100% of violent terrorsts wear shoes while comitting terrorist acts. Shoes must be stopped.

  3. By crank shaft () on

    No longer will 15 year olds break into Nasa computers unless they want to spend the rest of the lives discovering their nascent homosexuality in the confines of a federal penitentiary.

    Unfortunately computers won't necessarily be any safer from those who just don't give a fuck about our laws (i.e. foreign nationals, drug lords, organized crime).

    Our computer networks are and will continue to be insecure without even the pang of an embarassing penetration, web defacement and so on.



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