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Sparc64 Port updates

Contributed by webmaster on from the Ultra-for-christmas dept.

art@ just updated the OpenBSD/sparc64 page. OpenBSD is now booting multiuser and generally useable on 64 bit Sparc systems. Currently tested on:
  • Ultra 1
  • Ultra 5
  • Ultra 10
  • Sun Blade 100
This just sharpens my wish for an Ultra. -ed

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  1. By Cindy () on

    I wanted to thank the users who have posted replys to my comments made on a topic here (PPC/Mac), and others. I just have not had the chance with the stuff going on these days. So for everyone who is working with or on OpenBSD to make it what it is, I say 'Thank you'.

    With the stuff that goes on (in my life, and the rest of the world) , OpenBSD is about the one thing I can count on. I know it will always be the best it can be.

    - Cindy

  2. By nick () on

    here is jason's email:

    There is now a snapshot of OpenBSD/sparc64 on the ftp mirrors. This port
    is a work in progress and is not ready for production use. It is based
    on the NetBSD/sparc64 port.

    What works:
    o Ultra1's (and probably 2's)
    o Ultra5's
    o possibly others
    What is known not to work:
    o Blade100 (ethernet chip has issues)
    o Ultra30 (onboard scsi has issues)
    o X windows

    Installation methods:
    Booting a ramdisk kernel (bsd.rd) from nfs (see diskless(8)) can
    be used to boot strap OpenBSD/sparc64. The port can also be run diskless
    using the snapshot tar balls and the GENERIC kernel (bsd).

    Snapshots and development work are happening almost daily, so watch
    source-changes and keep up to date. The developers are quite busy
    trying to fix major bugs, so please don't whine about minor stuff
    (unless the whine includes a patch =).

    --Jason L. Wright


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