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[OpenSSH] OpenSSH Key Management - Part 2

Contributed by webmaster on from the ibm-developerworks dept.

Daniel Robbins weighs in with his second piece on ssh key management at IBM Developerworks . This article focuses on ssh-agent and other key management methods.

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  1. By Frank DENIS () on

    Congratulation to the author for these excellent articles.

    The fact is that most people don't know what [Open]SSH is capable of. They only use it as a simple telnet alternative, but they never peeked at man pages to learn about RSA/DSA keys and ssh-agent.

    But these features rock. Especially to automate tasks. For instance, I use SSH to upgrade a lot of machines from a central repository. Some little scripts are just doing scp to copy files, and ssh to launch remote scripts. In 30 seconds, 100 machines are updated. And securely. Thanks to OpenSSH, RSA/DSA keys and ssh-agent.

    I highly recommend this article. Good work.

  2. By MilkyPostman () on

    I really got into ssh cause of the two articles which he wrote, but his keychain script is written using the source and pidof commands which makes it no good to me in ksh.


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