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P3/1GHz OpenBSD servers in 1U of rack space

Contributed by webmaster on from the alt.flash.hardware dept.

Eric Kuhnke writes : " Fnord Systems specializes in BSD and Linux optimized hardware, and we'd like to announce our latest very cool product: A 1U, 15" deep rackmount server that contains two independent P3/1GHz systems, each with up to 512MB RAM / 100GB HD. Because of its short depth, two Fnord 90s can be mounted back-to-back in standard colocation cabinets. Just imagine, four 1GHz systems in only 1U of rack space, or 168 in 42U. Per-unit cost ranges from $1,100 to $1,400."

That's really cool. Can I have one? Looks like it'd make a really nice database/http server combo, especially with 3 10/100 interfaces.

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  1. By danimal () on

    I know this site is run on Sera Systems hardware, but Fnord hardware looks like it might be one hell of a bang for the buck.

    When I goto a co-lo'd rack mount server I'll definatley have them on the list to evaluate.


    P.S. - Nice icon for hardware! :O

  2. By Andy Leonard () on

    While these are certainly very cool, how *cool* are they - as in temperature? An admittedly quick look around their website didn't reveal any information about this.

    I've been told that most datacenters would have trouble with HVAC if their racks were to be filled with 2CPU 1U boxes (ala Compaq DL360s, etc) - and these Fnord boxes are 4CPUs/1U! It's also worth considering that many cabinets are designed for cooling machines with exhaust facing one side only, spelling trouble for back-to-back mounting.


  3. By jason () on

    It would be great to get a crypto card in here, but there are no PCI slots..


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