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Donations needed for sparc64 port

Contributed by Dengue on from the support-your-local-porter dept.

Anonymous Coward writes : " sent the following to the sparc@ mailing list recently:
I'm working a lot on the ultrasparc port right now. At the moment I only have one machine which makes the development slow and sometimes annoying. I could really use another machine as soon as possible in Stockholm, I'd prefer an Ultra 10 or some other decent pci machine (leaving the sbus work for jason).
See the donations page for information on how you can help."

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  1. By Dantec () on

    I see on the SUN Linux page this :

    "The UltraLinux project to make Linux available on the UltraSPARC architecture was the work of an independent group of software engineers [...]. Sun assisted the team by providing them with Sun[tm] workstations as well as technical information to facilitate their work." Why OpenBSD developpers don't ask SUN directly to obtain UltraSPARC hardware ?

  2. By Blake () blake at two one one two dot net on dub dub dub dot two one one two dot net

    how about an escrow auction? If everybody put $10 US towards this , it wouldn't take too long before enough cash could be raised to get one of the new $1000 Ultra boxen.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Blah-blah-blah... as always.

    Just send $20 to via PayPal instead of smart suggestions...

  4. By Janos Mohacsi () on

    I think the OpenBSD and NetBSD community should go together to broaden the BSD suppport on different platforms.

    I think NetBSD has a quite good support on Sparc64 platforms. They should improve it for larger systems (2-8 processor UltraEnterprise systems) and for entry systems (SunBlade).

    They has to work on some kind of Solaris Emulation also (FreeBSD has some SVR4 emulation on x86 platform).

    And after OpenBSD should maintain their differences regularly from the NetBSD Sparc64 code (or unite the two project somehow).

    NetBSD developer should encourage and help testing OpenBSD Sparc64 on their existing infrastructure.

    I think thay are only few resources are available they should be united to better results and support.

  5. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Crud. I just gave away two Axi boards because I didn't have time for them. I should have thought about giving them to system developers. Most of my other hardware doesn't seem to be on wanted lists.


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