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OpenBSD Sendmail + SMTP AUTH Mini-HOWTO

Contributed by Dengue on from the smtp dept.

Kyle Amon writes : "It's all here...
And it kind of sucks, but someone might find it useful."

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  1. By Bill Schaub () on

    It looks ok but IMHO the author left out one important step. and thats updating at least the
    sendmail source to -stable once the tree is untarred. ofcourse if he has no source tree.
    (unless he patches one box of the same platform
    and copys over the recompiled binarys...) that machine likely isnt patched anyway.

    I will grant that this was probably written before the local sendmail hole was discovered. but
    updating the source from the relesae tarball should still be a step. If hes instructing you to extract the source tarball from the CD/ftp site.

  2. By sicute ( on

    this is broken page can some body fix-it


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