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O'Reilly article: ipf/pf on OpenBSD

Contributed by Dengue on from the meerkats-are-cute dept.

tim writes : "This is the most concise article I've yet seen on the topic, and it's nice to see that O'Reilly's Cambridge sysadmin is an OpenBSD user. It can't hurt for people to have multiple good sources of up-to-date information about ipf/pf, and this one is great for short attention spans (executives?)."

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  1. By Sir Richard Burton () on http://localhost:6000

    It doesn't mention the whole ipfilter-isn't-core-anymore debacle or has this changed?

    How is the new filter coming along anyway?

    -Sir Richard Burton

  2. By Billy () on

    Yes, what is the current state of PF?

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    How good/bad is existing documentation on ipf for running pf? I mean the IPF-howto.

    Are there any plans to adapt that document for pf usage? Or, will the faq be updated with precise info on pf?


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