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[OpenSSH] OpenSSH Key Management - Part 1

Contributed by Dengue on from the ibm-developer-works dept.

Who would think? IBM has published a useful article on OpenSSH Key Management. The author describes how RSA and DSA keys are used, and talks a little about key generation and management for you OpenSSH neophytes.

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  1. By niekze () on

    not a bad article. not much that i didn't know, but i can always point other people to it. Suprisingly, the author is the guy behind Gentoo linux...the OpenBSD-like leenuchs. :)

  2. By Someone () on

    I personally think that they should have atleast given more credit to OpenBSD, by atleast mentioning 'OpenBSD' somewhere in there. Considering as how OpenBSD started OpenSSH AFAIK. Now newbie Linux users among others will think OpenSSH is a Linux based thing or something ridiculous like that. I feel credit should be given where credit is due. Be it in mentioning the name, the URL, proper advocacy, etc.. that's all the *BSD's really ask for. Except maybe BSD/OS being commercial such as RedHat, SuSe, Caldera etc are.
    Just my two cents... Nothing meant to be derogatory.
    My regards to all!

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I know that the SSH available from SSH Communications ( allows users to store their public keys (and public host keys ?) in an LDAP directory. When is OpenSSH going to get around to something like this? This is of great advantage to most of us, because people can use their existing pki credentials to authenticate to systems, and, there is a central location for key management. Just a thought.

  4. By tricky () on

    I found the article very interesting & informative ... i learned alot reading that article & i'll probably read it again..

    i agree that no credit was given to OpenBSD, but we know ;)

  5. By Jonathan Walther () on

    The article didn't teach me anything I didn't know, but I never did figure out ssh-agent. I look forward to the second article with keen anticipation. Is it out yet? Anyone have an url for it?


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