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[Notice] Off to DefCon 9

Contributed by Dengue on from the that-time-of-year-again dept.

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to visit my family, who must've been high on crack when they decided to move to that awful toilet known as Las Vegas, and time again to hang out at DefCon 9 .

Yes, I'm lame. No excuses or apologies, I like DefCon (everybody thinks I'm a fed, and the look on their faces when I explain that I'm just square is really touching). And since this trip is on someone else's dime , I'll like it so much more. So, if you're there, and you can identify me, I'll buy you a drink. As for OpenBSD Journal, updates will have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday, since I don't even get to go home, but straight back to work upon my return.


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  1. By David 'Anth' Lundquist () on

    So, am I the only one thinking this whole defcon thingie seems kinda lame? A cracker convention hrm. I wonder if I can find some kind of a thief convention, seems to be the same thing. Except a thief dont have to "./buffer_overflow".

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Yes, everyone at DEFCON is a theif, and everyone who uses OpenBSD is a genius. Why did you even post this?

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Hey if that is true.. then it just makes it easier for the FBI/CIA/Interpole to keep track of all those evil people.=)

        More power!!! Keep up the good work..

        Who knows, it may be even funded by the FBI/CIA!

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          Hey, Your forgot the NSA! :P

    2. By strlen () on

      by your logic every one who makes matches is an arsonist, and everyone who looks for weaknesses in alarm systems is always a thief. defcon is a convention of people interested in computer security, including the openbsd development team. true, it's become pretty popular for script kiddo's, but the fact remains.

      1. By David 'Anth' Lundquist () on

        Yeah, I read through the site, and could tell that there are som pretty interesting things going on. I should read before I speak the next time. I thought I had a pretty clear picture of defcon but it seems as if i was misstaken.

  2. By cyn0n () on

    hrm.. It seems like you have never been to defcon. It is hardly a 'cracker convention.' In fact many of the people I have seen at defcon are not even hackers. They are there for the party. A lot of them are phreaks or open-source people who are just interested in security. Please before you judge educate yourself.

    1. By obecian () on

      Yes, in fact I'm typing this from the Alexis Park
      bar right at this moment...

      You're right, it's not a 'cracker' convention...
      It's a KIDDIOT convention... with 1% of the
      attendence capable of disseminating USEFUL information.



      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Most CONVENTIONS are like that. 1% is actually a pretty sane number, considering at most conventions, people act like those in the average population, where certainly 1% contributing to utterly useful knowledge is a pretty high amount.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    God, DEFCON sucked ass this year.

    Actually, it started sucking ever since shallow dilettantes and foolish 13 year olds started showing up.

    1. By William Blair () on

      yeah, too many damn people in too little space
      all the talks were packed, but there were some good ones

      vendor area sucked, managed to make it over to the openbsd table once and didn't see theo or anybody from the team there

    2. By r2q2 () on

      Yo what do you by foolish 13 yr olds. Do you judge computer knowledge by age or what i find this offensive. I am learning Java C and Unix (OpenBSD, Linux)

    3. By Opcom () on http://www.vmsone/~opcom

      It was fun.. Gothic chicks, curious sights, great sessions, and our VMS server which stayed up the whole CTF time!


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