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Minimizing Denial of Service attacks

Contributed by Dengue on from the news-you-can-use dept.

J. Oquendo writes : "Thought I'd post following document in hopes anyone who is under attack can look to in order to minimize the effects of a Denial of Service attack. The article is not an RFC , merely a supplement for administrators to take immediate action during an attack. Information included contain how-to's for the following routers, firewalls, and operating systems: Cisco, Nortel, Netscreen, 3COM, Lucent, Cabletron, Foundry, Redback, Extreme, Arrowpoint, Checkpoint, Solaris, BSD, Linux, AIX, and IRIX kernel tweaks. Definitely something to have bookmarked in case of an emergency. "

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    it's a nice article, but OpenBSD isn't mentionned anywhere, even in the list of tweaks by OS (FreeBSD is). I don't have a problem with the article not talking about OpenBSD, but I don't see what's the point of posting this here.


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