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a BSD Family Tree

Contributed by Dengue on from the now-stop-askin dept.

Daemon News is running a feature explaining the BSD Family Tree . With luck, the frequency of this annoying question popping up on the newsgroups will decrease.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Again? Has no-one ever bothered to look for this - it's on the internet in a million places *and* in `The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operatiing System'. This damn article gets dragged up every bloody 6 months because some damn fools cant be bothered to find out themselves. Quote freebsd-questions list at least twice a day:

    "Whats the difference between OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD".

    I never see `Linux family trees' due to them being such convoluted mish mashes of pantsness.

    Sorry - rant over ;) BTW, It's a good article.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Now we have a FM to reference when they ask that question :)

      1. By Person who originally posted the comment... () on

        Whoop! I suppose you are right!!

    2. By James Howard () on

      Sorry - rant over ;) BTW, It's a good article. Thank you :)

      1. By BluNereid () on

        ya, i thought it was a good article too....


      2. By Person who originally submitted the comment... () on

        Any time ;)

        Apologies if it looked like I was having a go at your article, but I was having a go at the fools out there in `the wild'. As someone previously posted, we now have somewhere that we can point (i.e TFM!!!). Good work.


    3. By c2n () on

      I like reading the story of BSD over and over again! I just can't get enough of it. I think I must of read every one that was ever written.

      And as for Linux Family Trees, well one day, after "Linux-Darwinism", it'll be an interesting read also.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on


        Oh someone shoot me. Linux will get murdered by Darwin/Os X because it actually works. Lets just hope Gnome doesnt suddenly jump to *BSD when that happens or we're buggered. KDE yes, gnome no!

        1. By Miod Vallat () on

          Actually, the GNOME people are BSD aware and officially support FreeBSD now, and we can reasonably expect the other BSD systems to be supported in the future.

          On the other hand, KDE is getting more and more Linux-centric, although they still present this project as a ``desktop environment for unix workstations'', because most of it happens to compile, and sometimes run, on other systems.

          So I wouldn't be suprised if gnome gets more accepted and used in the BSD community in the future.

          1. By Anonymous Coward () on

            Aja! so it may be time for someone to offer a port of CDE. May be the one that Xi Graphics sells might work.

            How about a poll on this:

            For an OpenBSD desktop I:

            • use X default
            • like KDE
            • would like to see Gnome ported
            • would pay for CDE
            • would pay for CDE (if the vendors offered a stack to OpenBSD)
            • would pay for a port of windows3.x ;)
            • /dev/null (X/Windows sucks... who cares?)

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    So now it is time for an article on BSD vs SysV. I mean a good one, with some more stuff and more in-depth than the classical init.

    1. By proof () mattb at 54 org on

      Here here. I'd love to see an article along the same lines too.

    2. By sarnold () sarnold who attends willamette university on mailto:sarnold who attends willamette university

      Such an article exists. It is even available in bound form. Look for Uresh Vahalia's Unix Internals: The New Frontiers.

      I imagine Peter Salus has some works that may prove interesting, though I can't promise this.

  3. By Toojays () on

    One question though . . . what was the Berkley/Novell lawsuit about?

    1. By Alex de Haas () on


      I believe it was about BSD using proprietary
      code fragments from AT&T Unix.

      -- Alex

    2. By c2n () on

      I hope this URL helps (nice book as well)

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Is there any source for relative sizes of each *BSD variant installed population? While you can find a repeating quote on slashdot that says FreeBSD et al is dead, I don't think the facts are
    straight. Just how many FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD,
    and Darwin/OS/X computers are out there?

    1. By proof () mattb at 54 org on

      Well, I think it's hard to say how many. But a good example of how many webservers run *BSD is on NetCraft .


      1. By proof () proof at 54 org on

        Make that SSL servers. =)


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