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[Ask OBSDJ] Locale support

Contributed by Dengue on from the internationalization dept.

Arkady Kouleshov writes : "I am a developer of a new Russian web-portal ( and am currently planning to switch from Slackware 7.1 to OpenBSD as the server platform. Apparently it really makes an excellent web-server, however, the C library lacks locales support as well as wide characters and other multilingual features. What I am curious about is: What are developers' plans to support these features?"

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  1. By blo () on

    Is this related to blowfish? There is the blowfish image next to the article...

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    There is a whole section on the ports tree dedicated to Russian. Maybe you should e-mail some of the maintainers or simply view the ports in there and see if there's anything that would help you.

  3. By a non e-mouse cow herd () on

    Hmmm, haven't looked into russian so much, I'd check the ports tree as suggested though as a place to start.

    My personal interest is Japanese support, which also exists in ports (thx ericj and ejovin). So far it looks like it's all for Xfree; but with the recent addition of wscons into the base - perhaps more locales may be supported at the console?

    Definitely localization doesn't seem to be the main focus of OpenBSD at the moment, but I think with the help of the ports tree and gradual advances, such features will become more prevalent in the future.

  4. By Marc Espie () on

    There is some interest in locale support in OpenBSD. There is the CITRUS project, for instance, which provides locale for all BSDs.

    I'd gather this will gain momentum after the switch to XFree 4, which will happen at some point.

    Locale support is not easy, especially from a security point of view, as this is pervasive code that tends to depend on `trusted' environment variables.

    Not making any promises, mind you. This probably won't happen before at least a few months yet.

  5. By Isak Lyberth () on

    It would be nice to add lithuanian too.



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