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[Ask OBSDJ] OpenBSD Managed Hosting?

Contributed by Dengue on from the colocation dept.

Alex M. Hochberger writes : "So, we are nearing deployment for a site, and we need a colo home for it. One option, of course, is to get setup with someone like Exodus and bring our own gear in. The other option is managed hosting.

As we use mod_ssl, and other OpenBSD niceties, I have no desire to go back to a Linux environment. Do you know anyone that does the equivalent of a rackspace, etc., but with OpenBSD?"

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  1. By Frank DENIS () on

    Cubesoft does Linux and OpenBSD coloc hosting. They are pretty cheap, quite reliable and keep the software up-to-date.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Stay away from Cubesoft - tried hosting some commercial domains with them since they were so cheap. Almost lost all of my cleints - their hosting services were down more than they were up. Kept loosing mysql data. Kept suspending accounts for no reason - then apologizing after it took days to get them back on. They are pure shit as far as dependeablity and service.

  2. By Sunny Dubey () on

    To the guy who just posted about Csoft, they are horrible, period. The following is a reference to them ...

    When did trollers make it to new posts?
    I have no desire to go back to a Linux environment
    I'm tired of this anti-linux rhetoric in BSD. I started to use OpenBSD solely for the for that fact that the FreeBSD community is too elitist and "anti-linux" like for their own good. I very much hope that the same "anti-linux" feeling doesn't extend to OpenBSD as well. (The OpenBSD community seems far more mature than the FreeBSD community ... )

    Yes, I do run linux. I run GNU/Linux as provided by the guys at Debian. I do more than just use it, it seriously is my full desktop replacement for windows. I do everything I ever needed in linux. I can check my email using Kmail, play games like Quake3 and heretic2, etc. Can any other non non microsoft-apple OS do that? No, I don't think so. In fact I consider myself to be part of a very small percentage of computer users that use another non-MS OS _FULLY_.

    Before we engage in retarted FreeBSD philosophy of "anti-linux'ism", lets think of the larger picture at hand.

    Sunny Dubey

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Calyx is fully OpenBSD based.

  4. By Nicky H. Carey () on

    Evening, I use FreeBSD, and have been for quite sometime now. To tell the truth, I do think that FreeBSD is much better than linux. I think that for many of the various reasons ranging from stability to the licenses that both of the unices use.
    However, I as well have to agree with this guy on his comment of "FreeBSD community is too elitist and 'anti-linux' like for their own good."
    Sadly, to say, today the FreeBSD community is filled with too many "l4m3 1us3rs" (lame users). To many lusers today install FreeBSD, and think that they are l33t (elite) because they have installed an OS that is stereotypically better than linux.
    Please do not listen to these users. Real FreeBSD users will respect what linux has become. In addition, real linux users should do the same to FreeBSD.

    Nicky H. Carey

  5. By Michael H. Buselli () on

    You can look at as they offer OpenBSD and their pricing appears to be pretty good. I have no experience with them or anyone that's used them, but am thinking about going with them for my own projects.

    If anyone out there does have experience with, please let us know what you think of them.

    By the way, they group all their open source OS options under "Linux" so don't be confused by the home page. They offer Redhat, Mandrake, Debian, Slackware, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD as suboptions of "Linux."

  6. By anonymous coward () on

    Just in case you don't find any alternatives does support FreeBSD. It might not be OpenBSD but at least it means you wont have to go with Linux.

  7. By Nathan Garretson () on

    Zerotech is completely OpenBSD based.

  8. By Thom Reid () on

    I suggest sitesmith... they will manage just about any platform you want. I think they assume you know best what you need.


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