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[Linux Journal] The 101 Uses of OpenSSH: Part 1

Contributed by Dengue on from the free-crypto dept.

plaster writes : "There is a nice story about OpenSSH (use, history, configuration, etc.) over at Linux Journal, which claims to be part 1 of an undisclosed number of articles. Although it is intended for the GNU/Linux crowd, it seems to apply to most platforms. Thought OpenBSD enthusiasts might find it interesting. It is amicable and grateful (if slightly sarcastic) toward the OpenBSD project and is written by someone who describes himself as a "Linux devotee...and an OpenBSD zealot."

Incedentally, this should probably be under "Security," but I like the icon for "Crypto" much better. Don't you think there should be an "OpenSSH" topic? Think about it. "

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Nice. He only misses the existance of sftp (server side) on OpenSSH.

    An OpenSSH icon? a piranha would be nice to add for OpenBSD's aquarium

  2. By BluNereid () on

    Ya, a OpenSSH subject would be good. Now what would it look like? hmmm.....

    If we get enough interest, let's make it the next poll.


  3. By Plaster () on .

    Shark? Piranha? Blasphemy!
    The obvious choice is an icon based on the openssh material provided by the openbsd project. some sort of spiked pufferfish is what it has got to be. anything else just makes no sense.


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