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Sera Systems - Rack mount OpenBSD servers

Contributed by Dengue on from the cool-new-toys dept.

Sera Systems has just announced the availability of the SeraBox, preloaded with OpenBSD. You can check out the Press Release , and the Specs .

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  1. By Jim () on huh?

    It's not like they are spending money on the OS, so what took so long?

  2. By Andrew Leonard () on

    "Designed for security, the SeraBox features an enclosure devoid of external, front accessible drives" - first time I've heard that called a feature!

    (Seems to me if you let someone get that close to your box they might be able to, say, poke the power button, yank the cables, unscrew it from the rack... Cages around your racks, anyone?)

  3. By spoonm () on

    Its a little expensive don't you think?
    I found the pIII 550 on pricewatch for about 135 bucks...
    The motherboard you could get for around 60, or maybe 80
    I found the harddrive going for 115 dollars
    I paid 200 dollars for a 4u nice rackmount case, so I can't imagine their 2u rackmount case could be anything that much more...
    128 meg of ram is around 100 (for pc133)
    So basically.
    135 + 80 + 115 + 200 + 100 = the 1200 dollar price tag?
    And why don't they have an option for like a 3ware raid controller card (they are supported in 2.8)
    Just a crappy deal in my opion and don't see why anyone would buy them.



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