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a Spyware Control Act

Contributed by Dengue on from the legislative-branch dept.

Sen. John Edwards D-N.C. has introduced S. 3180, otherwise known as the "Spyware Control and Privacy Protection Act". Newsbytes has the dirt. In a nutshell, any software that sends information about a users habits back to the software company must contain "clear and conspicous notice" and this functionality must be enabled by the consumer, not by default.

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  1. By jet_silver () on

    Sen. Edwards has been doing his homework. It's good to see that someone is actually -digging- for issues rather than waiting for a parade to get in front of.

    I don't believe the good Senator will be able to sell this bill, because it's too far ahead of his constituency. His colleagues will prefer to wait for an explosion and then put a leaky patch on the damage, with loads of concessions to Conducent/TimeSink et alia, and with a rider to increase subsidies for maraschino cherry packers.

    1. By Brian Mulholland () on

      Jet Silver isn't wrong - but the Senator is so plainly right that I hope to see some comment on the bill in the computing press about it. No issue gets addressed until it's been debated in the public eye for awhile.

  2. By Ian () on

    This is a great idea.. I often wonder about some software..

    But, I wonder how this would affect websites using cookies, not to mention things like doubleclick etc...


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