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[FAQ] Applying patches in OpenBSD

Contributed by Dengue on from the burning-questions dept.

eric jackson has added a new section to the FAQ: Applying patches in OpenBSD . Those of you unfamiliar with this process should consider this required reading in your quest for satori.

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  1. By Todd Coffey () on

    My problem is not getting the patches working on a system with source, but how do I apply those important security patches to a 486 firewall where I don't even want compilers? I ended up hobbling together a couple scripts to get it done, but it was very ad-hoc. Is there an established way to do this?


  2. By bengt () on

    Does the CD I bought contain the relevant source code?
    I would like to avoid using cvs due to a firewall installed by my friendly IS dep...

    1. By TNT () fugqja@ovtsbbg.pbz on mailto:fugqja@ovtsbbg.pbz

      Yes, it does. As long as the CD is the official OpenBSD stuff, the source code is there.


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