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[Ask OBSDJ] bandwidth limiting?

Contributed by Dengue on from the damn-users-cause-all-the-problems dept.

Jason Mealins writes : "I have recently run into the problem of being crammed into a two room apartment with one cable modem and 4 users. I currently use OpenBSD with nat and ipf to share the cable modem with all 4 people. I was wondering if it was possible to limit the bandwidth to specific computers or to just have a general rule to limit the bandwidth available to any certain connection. I have looked around but haven't been too succesful in finding results. "

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    if u don't have any windows boxes u could try IPv6. isn't it a builtin feature ??

  2. By Roko K () on

    I know this is OpenBSD but the only way I have found to limit bandwidth is with DUMMYNET. This has been ported to Linux and was first seen in FreeBSD.

    You can use DUMMYNET with ipfw on FreeBSD to limit bandwith. You can choose a port, or a ip.

    More Details at:

  3. By dmp () on

    I think squid might do what you want it to. Check out the docs at:


  4. By dmp () on

    Ok, it's Linux, but traffic shaper written by Alan Cox it was added in 2.1.15 and then added to 2.0.36. The 2.2 kernels have the capability in the kernel. (I think the Linux 2.4 kernel actually has a kitchen sink in it... :-) I'm sure there is a better way that you can use OpenBSD to do it. I think I saw an implementation in Perl once...


  5. By David Terrell () on

    the Kame jumbo patch ( includes AltQ, which lets you do real packet scheduling on *BSD. It's the real deal.


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