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a Patch available for local root exploit

Contributed by Dengue on from the format-string-bugs-bite-again dept.

There is a new patch available to correct a local root exploit in chpass . All systems with local users are advised to update immediately. As a work-around, until your system can be patched, it is recommended that you
# chmod u-s /usr/bin/chpass
As always, instructions for patching your system are contained in the patch itself. This affects OpenBSD 2.7 and presumably prior versions as well. Users of -current after July 1 are safe.

Exploits in the wild for this bug became known on October 2.

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  1. By jslag () on

    "Only one localhost hole in two years..." doesn't sound quite as good as "Two years without a localhost hole", but I give the team big points for honesty.

  2. By sessya () on

    from securityfocus it is said that the affected code is part of a

    is chpass the only application that uses this library? or are there
    any other?

    i am currently setting up a server that will handle email, and act
    as a bastion. i am going to use OBSD 2.7.

    also are the OBSD2.8 snapshots stable enough for a production
    server? the OBSD2.8 branch is not affected accdg to securityfocus.



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