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Contributed by Dengue on from the leavin-on-a-jet-plane dept.

I'll be in Washington D.C. next week (9/24-9/30), so updates will be spotty, if at all. The "Man" is sayin' I gotta spend my time learning the ins/outs of DB2 Connect via TCP and SNA. Joy.

Anyone out there from D.C. Metro know of any good bars near Embassy Row? Barring hedonistic indulgence in drunken debauchery, I'll pick up a new O'Reilly book and review it while I'm gone. We haven't had one of those in awhile.

Updated 09/26

Man it's wet here. Been raining now for two straight days. Fortunately the Brickskellar is close to the hotel and I can warm myself with enough mussels to choke a whale and enough beer to float one. No decent internet access from the hotel though, I have to rely on getting to class early to post updates. I should have a book review of "Managing IMAP" by Diana and Kevin Mullet , just released by O'Reilly's , ready in a couple of days. Of course, if the weather breaks, I plan on doing the good citizen thing and seeing all of the landmarks. Or at least losing myself in the National Galleries for awhile.


p.s. I don't know which will make me crazier, being soaking wet all the time, or having to listen to Mainframe admins think out loud all day.

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  1. By Anonymous Hero () on

    If you're in DC and you haven't already had it, get some ethiopean food! It's a very interesting (and IMHO good) experience. I would very much recommend the restaurant "Meskerem" in Adam's Morgan (the four block on 18th street north of U street) Adam's Morgan also has hella big (i know, hella, leave me alone) amounts of bars, so score some ethiopean food and hit up some of the bars.
    Also, if you like alcohol, try some "Tej" when you go to meskerem, it's ethiopean honey wine and quite good i might add (very sweet).


    1. By Adam () on

      I will back up his statement about "Meskerem". I haven't been there myself but my gf has been raving about it and she hasn't been wrong yet with resturants.

      Another good place is Sushi Taro. If you don't like Sushi they have other Japanese dishes there. As for alcohol, get the Saki (sp?) and Kirin.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Hey, great choices over in Washington DC. Seen some Ethiopean cuisine programs on TV? Well, visit for some sample recipes!!!

      OTH, yes, nice to go to a sushi bar and complain if the fish is not cooked to your taste. At least you can have some fun.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Ladies and gentlemen, for the 2^2000'th time,
        famine jokes are not funny! I really have
        lost count at how many famine jokes I've heard
        but really, we have better things to make fun of,
        have you ever talked to people on irc? IRC
        people and communists are pretty good targets
        when being just plain rude :]

        I am not a hippie, actually you can make fun of
        them too, because they aren't about to die

        Just think about what you say next time, some people
        actually die because of famine, give it some thought,
        at least enough to come up with more than
        the standard response "blah blah blah FAMINE" in
        response to anything aboot ethiopia


        1. By Jaco Bajana () on

          Just think about what you say next time, some people actually die because of famine, give it some thought, at least enough to come up with more than the standard response "blah blah blah FAMINE" in response to anything aboot ethiopia

          Ditto. Not to dump on the one guy, but I wouldn't want to sound like I saw When Harry Met Sally one too many times. =)

  2. By David Bryant () on

    I'd recomend the Brickskellar. It's in the
    Dupont Circle area, on 22nd St between P and Q (1523 22'nd street, 202-686-5990)

    They've got about 200+ different beers, so go experiment.

    1. By james phillips () on file:/dev/null

      Ok Dave, you rock! Had a bucket of mussels and washed it down with a bottle of Potomac Red Ale. Score one for Dave. Great staff too, Brian was very helpful in selecting a regional beer to go with the mussels.

  3. By Intrepid| () on

    Although you can pick up O'Reilly books at any decent bookstore, if you want to see a decent tech bookstore that's not called Fatbrain, check out Reiters ( for address and all). On K Street, carries a whole slew of computer, engineering, and medical books. Rather nice selection, and all professional/trade computer books are 20% off (ask for how they determine that if you go).

    I'm not sure how the place compares to other specialized bookstores in other cities, but having been in Chicago and having friends in both Chicago and Boston check out this particular store, they think it's pretty cool.

    It's a good place to swing by if you happen to be visiting around Georgetown/Foggy Bottom.

    1. By the evil clown () on

      In the Georgetown area of DC? Why not also stop by the place where Regan got possesed in the 'Exorcist' movie?


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