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IBM Announces AFS as an open-source product

Contributed by Dengue on from the and-we-already-have-a-client dept.

Transarc (a division of IBM) has announced plans to release AFS under the IBM public license. Code should be available from IBM in September.

AFS is pretty cool. I've been working with it lately to provide highly available filesystems for web content management with WebSphere Application Server. It's nice to see this being released. Arla is another implementation of AFS, from those crafty swedes who created the kth-krb implementation of Kerberos (Used in OpenBSD). In fact, your favorite "secure by default" OS already contains an AFS client.

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  1. By KGill () on

    Somers, NY August 30, 2000. . .IBM announced today the open source contribution of a high-performance file system technology and talent to strengthen collaboration in the enterprise.

    The contribution of AFS* Enterprise File System gives the community a remote file system with a proven track record that features high performance and scalability in rigorous computing environments. AFS is designed to protect data access by authenticating users, providing a very
    secure, easily manageable working environment that supports a wide variety of operating platforms, including Linux.

    IBM will actively work with the open source community to extend AFS development. In September, 2000 the source code for AFS will be available through the IBM Public Source License. Users may download the code from the IBM developerWorks Open Source Zone at:

    AFS is designed to accommodate high-traffic computing environments. AFS files are accessed daily by millions of university, commercial and government users throughout the world.

    "With today's announcement, IBM is continuing to build on the vision of AFS," said Tracy Futhey, vice provost of computing services at Carnegie Mellon University. "This advancement delivers a scaleable and secure file system that is extremely easy to manage."

    IBM will continue to sell, develop and support its own version of AFS to meet the needs of customers who require a commercially supported version of the remote file system.

    About IBM

    IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Software offers the widest range of applications, middleware and operating systems for all types of computing platforms, allowing customers to take full advantage of the new era of e-business. The fastest way to get more information about IBM
    software is through the IBM Software home page at


    * Indicates trademark or registered trademark of IBM Corporation.


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