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Moody pro OpenBSD?

Contributed by Dengue on from the wierd dept.

Santana Gomez Garrido writes : "Mr. Moody attacked Linux again but this time he spends some words in favor of OpenBSD "

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    He is apparently unwilling to admit that his basic premise (ie, Linux has more bugs than NT) is flawed, so resorts to attacking the community on personal, rather than technical grounds.

    Look, the guy is a writer, not a technical person. I doubt he knows any thing about security, let alone programming. As far as I am concerned, his ideas are worthless.

    Stick to writing, and leave the rest to us.
    (Same goes for Katz)

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    i've seen his kind around georgetown alot, you can see them at raves, you can see his kind in any firmly entrenched irc room, you can see him in any sporting event knowing everything about anything relating to where he's at.

    Simple as can be: moody's a scenewhore

    he "knows" everything about the subject. he doesn't.
    he's got the latest scoop on what you should think about stuff you would have no idea what to think about. he's fluff.
    AND he has the nerve to do this to a (the majority of his readers i'm sure are) non-technical audience. thus leveraging NO fairness in the playing field.
    I'f moody was on some street corner in a "cyber" part of town, i wouldn't have a problem with him, i think most ppl know that he's fluff. but the fact that he's got his megaphone goin off as close as he can to anyone who'll listen irks me a lot.


  3. By Will () on

    Obviously the guy has no clue what hes talking about anyway, but he did touch on one interesting thing.

    As a BSD proponent, I'v often noticed that Linux zealots are much quicker to call names and make a big fuss over something they dont THINK is true, rather than making an intelligent conversation of it (An EXCELLENT example is the slashdot community).

    One of the reasons I love BSD so much is the people, even the holy wars between Free/Net/Open aren't all out slug fests like Linux distro wars.

    Try to write an honest article comparing Linux security to OpenBSD and see how much positive feedback you get from the Linux world.

    Course I may have just been out in the sun too long :)

  4. By Coward, Anonymous () on

    Item: Moody is provably a fool.
    Item: Moody trolls, then whines about the results.

    Why should someone with this pedigree even rate a mention? Imagine if either article had been posted on c.u.b.o.m. The replies would have been better spelled but equally incendiary, ne?

    It would be kinder to all concerned if Moody were ignored and allowed to return to whatever rag he was kicked upstairs from.


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