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InterBase Source Now Available

Contributed by Dengue on from the yet-another-choice-and-yet-another-license dept.

MOC writes : "The waiting is now over, InterBase can now be ported to our platform of choice. "

Of course, they had to come up with yet another license. Why can't these companies just use a BSD style license or the GPL?

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  1. By Zavier Sheran () on

    Because the GPL equires you to hand out the source you modified and BSD allows you to resell under another name. Commercial 3rd party developers selling solutions require to hold the source back, and the BSD license would make it possible to drop the name Interbase completely in a distribution or product.

  2. By flames () on

    Pity its crap. Next we'll be invaded by Delphi. Then think of the flock of people who know absolutely squat about any kind of UNIX appearing on the scene and causing chaos. It'll be like Windows has been since about Visual Basic 2 (yes I was there then). More proprietry standards for us to get stuck in the mud with. Yes - I do hate Borland products.


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