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GreasyDaemon Needs OpenBSD Contributions

Contributed by Dengue on from the the-squeaky-daemon-gets-the-grease dept.

GreasyDaemon writes : "I have been slowly gathering information for 3 of the top BSD Unix systems: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD. I have had a search engine online for a few months now and would like to further augment the search engine with a directory which is built by hand. I know FreeBSD really well as that is the OS I administer daily. I need help from the OpenBSD community so the Greasy Daemon site is not too FreeBSD centered.

The directory I am organizing will consist of various BSD related topics which start out with a 5 paragraph summary. If you are the author, you get full credit with your name on that page. At the end of the summary there will be links to other sites which have in-depth documentation of the given topic. What I need is help in writing up several topic summaries and help with gathering links to good OpenBSD documentation.

Please visit the site and do what you can to contribute. "

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