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July DaemonNews is out

Contributed by louis on from the just-can't-get-enough-BSD-news dept.

The July DaemonNews is out. It's quite technical, reprinting a couple of USENIX papers and giving a tutorial on FreeBSD device drivers.
The editorial by Chris Coleman notes the raft of new BSD web publications, including this journal.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Is this site ever gonna consider using a new version of phpslash?

    1. By james phillips () on file:/dev/null

      This would be better addressed as an email to the webmaster. In short, phpslash development has slowed, most of the 0.5.3-2 changes have been merged into the code this site is using, and I have disabled or removed a number of things that I didn't feel were useful, like the glossary. Comment previews are still broken in 0.5.3-2, and that's why they are disabled here.

      As soon as work stops requiring ~ 60 hrs/week onsite, I hope to spend some time on the phpslash code, including moving to php4, and reducing the number of database calls required. If you are interested in helping, contact me , and I'll arrange a cvs repository for checkout.

      1. By anonymous () on

        I've used the slash-look alike called DOINS for quite a while. It has quite a few features like threaded/nested/flat comments, etc. The CVS version is quite nice. Maybe if you get some free time, you could check it out as well.

        1. By james phillips () on file:/dev/null

          One package I am currently looking at is Nope . I don't care for the administration interface tho...


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