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[Ask OBSDJ] ISDN and OpenBSD

Contributed by Dengue on from the digital-deutschland dept.

fugazi writes : "Many people use a modem or an ethernet card in OpenBSD to connect to the Internet. Since modems are relatively slow, some countries (like Germany) use ISDN to "boost" the transfer speed. I would like to ask you if anyone out there has experience using ISDN cards under OpenBSD, and if so, what card did you use? I'd really like to get away from Linux or FreeBSD and use my fave operating system as my ISDN router. There's a program for ISDN under BSD [1], but many of the OpenBSD cards listed are untested with OpenBSD. [1] "

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  1. By niekze () on

    sorry, never messed with ISDN, but i'd be interested to know since someone I know is getting ISDN soon.

  2. By fugazi () on

    Isn't it always the way. I spent weeks looking for ISDN support and I couldn't find anything that helped me. About 5 minutes after I posted this, I found a thread here:

    I feel pretty stupid now, but I hope this will help someone out there since there's a fair amount of people that visit

  3. By heiko () on

    Hi there,
    i've been a FreeBSD user for quite a while now,
    but i'm following what happens with OpenBSD all the while - because i would really like to have my dialout box running OpenBSD instead of FreeBSD. This is what OpenBSD is supposed to be good at.
    But as far as i know, i4b (isdn4bsd) - the software that is used for isdn on FreeBSD has not been tested (officially) on OpenBSD since 2.5, noone in the OpenBSD community has sent any feedback to Hellmuth Michaelis (author of i4b). therefor it is simply unknown if i4b will run on 2.6 or 2.7. I find this to be a bit sad myself - and hope to hear if someone actually has tried compiling an OpenBSD 2.6 or later kernel with i4b support.



  4. By Ravage () on

    i'm also in the search for ISDN support for openbsd, my card is BILLION BIPAC, if anyone can help me on anything...


  5. By blkwolf () on

    Being that I'm about 1000ft too far for the DSL cable ft limit and currently GTE has no plans to extend it out to my area I'm now stuck with looking into ISDN myself.

    I'll probably end up using somthing like the Friendlynet ISDN router myself since all you should need is an extra ethernet card in your OBSD firewall and a crossover cable to hookup to the router. Optimally I'll try to setup the friendlynet as strictly a bridge and let the firewall do the actual routing nat etc, but in worse case scenario I can setup the isdn router to nat to a private range in the 10.0.0 range and then have obsd nat to my real range in 192.168 area.
    Kind of redundant but really only adds another security layer.

  6. By Roland Hall () on

    I'm using a Pipeline 75 isdn router. You can pick them up on ebay for about $50-$75. Ascend was bought by Lucent, and they are still developing software for these boxes. They route, Nat, dhcp, firewall, etc... And I run any damn OS I want to, BSD based of course.

  7. By Knitebane () on

    Up until a few months ago I used ISDN dialup for my site. The easiest way was an external ISDN adapter (I used a 3Com Impact) and a high speed serial card.

    I used standard PPP dialup. Worked like a champ.



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