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Daemon News: "Wanted: OpenBSD Articles"

Contributed by Dengue on from the Authors-Needed dept.

Chris Coleman writes : "I am looking for people to write articles about OpenBSD."

For some of the articles I even have money to pay the authors.

I am very interested in Security, Cryptography, VPN creation, Bridging. As well as really cool solutions using OpenBSD. We have editorial staff to help through the grammar and spelling.

If its a volunteer article, send it to . If you are wanting paid for the article, send it to me at and we will negotiate the terms.

-Chris Coleman
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  1. By Alex Farber () on


    I am new to BSD and would like to buy a CD
    and try it out. Any hints when the OpenBSD 2.7
    will be made available? The last two releases
    wher on the 19th of May, is it a special date?


    1. By Miod Vallat () on

      2.7 will ship on june 15th.
      Only 2.5 was shipped on may 19th, 2.3 was in june.

      The release schedule is ``every circa 6 months'', there is no exactly fixed delay between the releases.


      1. By Alex Farber () on


        (BTW, save cookie didn't work for me)

  2. By Dustin Offutt () on

    I adore this site.

    Something one doesn't see very often, but I think would be a wonderful addition, would be a recipe section that provided step by step guides for various projects. Sys-admins can get so busy sometimes the time it takes to learn (eg:) three technologies to implement one new tool may just not fit into a busy schedule. Also, as far as advocacy is concerned, sometimes all it takes is the confidence gained seeing that, yes indeed, it *can* be done on OpenBSD.

  3. By Niekze () on

    Im interested in buying a UPS, but i want it to shutdown the box when the power is off for too long. I had a box die and it took about 3 hours to fix all the errors with fsck (had to run it 3 times from single user mode) then it put all the files in lost+found and put most of the stuff in dir's like #0342901 i still havn't gotten all the stuff sorted out yet. Maybe someone could share some UPS knowledge with OpenBSD? that would be a good article.


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